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  1. Bunny
    Bunny says:

    Meet with MieMie the other night, she was from China and spoke little English… she didn’t need to as she knew exactly what I wanted.. we’ll needed anyway… lol… we had a really nice time and she showed a genuine interest in making me happy. It was really nice to meet someone who was pleased to be with me, sometimes the girls don’t want to spend time helping an older man like me achieve a result… if you know what I mean… lol…. it is just a pity she isn’t there more often… I keep an eye out for her on the roster… waiting for happy days to “come” again… hahaha

  2. Alex
    Alex says:

    Recently visited Cowper st and had a good time with Mico and Linda was a great host [mamasan] She pleasantly discussed her xmas and the industry with me over a nice cool drink on 1 very HOT day.

  3. John wick
    John wick says:

    Fuck you and Fuck your shitty place ,this shit old flithy Asian bitch in recipition should be learn respect ,she needs some to kick her ass out Australia to her shitty town in Asia,people avoid this place for your health safety they dirty AS FUCK

  4. Jase
    Jase says:

    Saw Sasha today. She was terrific girl. Beautiful body and friendly personality. Made me feel very comfortable. Had a wonderful time
    Thank You!!

  5. coco crisp
    coco crisp says:

    Angela was amazing I never came so quick pussy smelled wonderful great personality aimed to please an she was very tight an wett smh overall great experience..

  6. Alex
    Alex says:

    Went and booked LuLu for an hour yesterday. 1st impressions big tits very cute and bubbly. Thats where the good news stopped. Service was horrible. TERRIBLE blow job and will only have sex on her stomach and not make a sound (feels like your raping her) then after i came onse she wanted more money to go again we have a 15 min debate that i already paid for an hour. Was going to make this my local now im not sure. I ended up leaving 40 mins in to the hour

  7. david
    david says:

    Online it says big discount 65 dollar for 30 min before 1pm. When i went at 12:30 the lady says discount finish this week. I saw eligang. Even she looks in her 40s but she gave me top class service. I am very happy with her service. Very pleasant and gave me relief from nervoousness


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