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  1. ANiceGuy
    ANiceGuy says:

    Wow what a babe!
    Very sexy woman. Some girls just ooze sexiness and this babe does.
    She was wearing a yellow sexy top where I could see her boobs. Please post some photos.
    She’s a small package but extremely sexy..
    I was meaning to book another girl but I had to change my mind when I saw her.
    I laid her on her back and ate her pussy the hole 3 hours I was with her. I am married and I’m willing to divorce my wife to take care and look after this sexy woman. Can someone please post a photo of her.
    I ate her pussy in different positions, with her on her back, I licked the way she liked it. She LOVES having her pussy licked. She came in my mouth many times. Then she sat on my face and I licked her really good, loved all the cum in my mouth. Simply worshipped her the whole time, I ignored phone calls, just wanted to pleasure. I could have gone much longer but had to leave, I can’t wait to pleasure her again. While she laid back and I was licking, I saw in the mirror and could see her beautiful body with her eyes rolling back while I rubbed her tits . I got her REALLY horny.

    I carried her and lifted her up on the bed and ate her pussy while she say on my face. It was heaven, I just couldn’t get enough of her juices. I really want to be a man around her! But she is very sexy, hopefully i can get her.

    • ANiceGuy
      ANiceGuy says:

      She prefers bad guys, so though I’m a nice guy I am going to get a tattoo of her on my shoulders. She is hot so needs guys who are strong with excitement. I’ll keep working hard so I can earn her. This is the sort of girl to worship and spend money on. With my mind on her I’m going to have to get rid of my wife. I want to spend time with sexy lili, and eat her pussy and worship her all day.

      Be warned! Once you get a taste of her pussy and her sexy moaning voice, you will want more. I’m smitten and want to pleasure her and do anything she wants. God I love kissing her and kicking her pissy. I carried her while she had wrapped her arms around me and then sucked her nipples – she loves that, but you got to know how to do it. Then lifted her up and feasted on her hot pussy, licking exactly how she wanted it. She was so tasty, my god, and that body, just amazing. Looking in the missing I saw a goddess on her back while I ate her hot hot pussy. God I would love to be her husband so I can worship her all day.

      • ANiceGuy
        ANiceGuy says:

        There’s nothing wrong with falling in love with a beautiful sexy woman, who deserves men’s attention. There will be competition but hopefully I am good enough to get her. I’ll probably buy her some high heels and take her out for some shopping, buying her whatever she likes. My advantage is I got money, so I can take care of the needs of a goddess like her. She needs strong, tough, successful men. My sexual attraction to her is extremely high, I enjoy eating her pussy and she loves being licked out my strong men who are successful, makes her horny and makes her come. I also give her some excitement so she doesn’t know what to expect next. Always keeping her wet and excited, got to impress a woman like this to keep her – hard work but I’d rather spend my time on her than doing anything else.

        • ANiceGuy
          ANiceGuy says:

          To have a chance with her, you’ll need to be really good with your toung to lick her pussy and clit, and massage and carress her… and be a bit of a badass… make her come in your mouth and excite her and you might have a chance.. but alot of guys want her… satisfy her fully and excite her regularly…

  2. BDC
    BDC says:

    BBBJ was pretty good. no CIM on offer. Gave her a good hard pounding, I think she liked it.
    I don’t think her breasts are 100% natural, so that was off putting for me.
    Other than that, quite a young and pretty face.
    A bit lazy in terms of service provided.

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